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Fall 2021
Mar 01,2024
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The TAS Research Honors Program was established in Fall 2005 to foster collaborative research between students and sponsoring TAS faculty in the science, mathematics, and computer science. Its curricular form has developed into a sequence of 1 credit courses (SRSH 301, 302, 401, and 402). Students apply for acceptance in the program after the completion of 60 credits in one of the TAS majors and must proceed to take two (2) semesters of the program to complete a planned and scheduled research project. Students intending to participate in the Research Honors Program will speak with research faculty about available research projects in their major area. The placement of a student in the Honors Research Program is subject to the approval and availability of a faculty advisor. The student will apply for acceptance in the Research Honors Program by the end of his/her sophomore or junior year. The student participant will submit a preliminary research proposal/paper to a faculty advisor/sponsor for approval. That proposal and the approval are the conditions which must be first met to register for the course. Following the approval the student will obtain a special registration permission for the specific section of the TAS Research Honors course from the Faculty Mentor and a TAS Research Honors Project form from the TAS Dean's office (also available at the end of the syllabus), which is to be completed with the Faculty Mentor and signed by the Faculty Mentor and the Dean. Students must agree to a minimum 2-semester commitment to conduct research under the supervision of their faculty research advisor and will register in each semester for 1 credit of SRSH 301 (Fall semester), SRSH 302 (Spring semester) Total: 2 credits/year. Students fulfilling all the requirements will, upon recommendation of the Convening Group and approval of the Dean of the School of Theoretical and Applied Science, receive a certificate signifying successful completion of the program and earn the designation of "TAS Research Honors." Students electing to enroll in the Research Honors Program for a second year for a total of 4 semesters will earn a certificate with the designation of "TAS Research Honors with Distinction." Students enrolling for a second year of TAS Research Honors who have completed SRSH 301 and SRSH 302 may register for SRSH 401 (Fall semester), and SRSH 402 (Spring semester) Total: 2 credits/year. The faculty advisor may allow a Research Honors student to enroll for 2 credits in the second semester of research (for a maximum of 3 credits/year.) The student will write a final research report on the outcomes of the project according to a required format. The student is required to prepare a research poster to be presented at either an on campus research symposium or an external professional meeting. Students are also expected to make oral presentations of their research results to invited professional audiences. Oral presentation at a symposium is considered to be essential. Under extenuating circumstances a waiver of this requirement may be recommended by the faculty advisor for approval by the convening group.
0.000 TO 1.000 Credit hours
0.000 TO 1.000 Lecture hours

Levels: Undergraduate
Schedule Types: Hybrid, Lecture, Online Course

Interdisciplinary Studies Department

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