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Fall 2021
Mar 01,2024
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The topics studied in this course change from semester-to-semester, as well as from instructor-to-instructor. Students should expect to engage in sophisticated discussion, to work independently, and to participate in--and lead--seminar discussions. The course will require students to call on the experience of their previous coursework in the program to produce polished writing informed by research. Students should expect to complete at least one prolonged research assignment and to produce at least 20 pages of polished writing this semester. For this semester's course sections, please contact the MBA Director. Creativity & Innovation The course aims to provide a platform for students to identify & explore their own creative abilities. The topics will entail understanding creative processes and creativity tools and techniques that can be used to initiate and enhance innovation in an organization. Critical functional areas that need creative problem-solving and innovative solutions in Small-Medium and Large businesses, across different industry sectors, will be explored. Digital Marketing The digital era has created new opportunities for businesses to attract and retain customers, and customer expectations of how brands communicate with them have increased dramatically. Now more than ever, the ability to weave data, technology, and content into a compelling digital marketing strategy – which also integrates with broader marketing efforts –is a critical responsibility. This class provides an overview of how businesses are using key digital channels to drive success, including search engine marketing, email marketing, online advertising, affiliate marketing, social media, online reputation management and web PR, mobile marketing and website development, design, and analytics. In addition, during this class students will look at the convergence of digital and traditional media, and how developments in digital marketing have led to innovations in traditional marketing. We will focus heavily on real-world business cases to explore how actual businesses are taking advantage of the digital landscape and to cultivate ideas on how they might improve upon these efforts. Entrepreneurship Students will evaluate the business skills and commitment necessary to successfully operate an entrepreneurial venture and review the challenges and rewards of entrepreneurship. Students will take an “inward journey” exploring themselves, their decisions, their skillsets and their goals to determine how entrepreneurship can play a role in their lives. Students will also be introduced to entrepreneurship from an economic perspective and the concepts of social, sustainable and environmental entrepreneurship. Each class will include participatory lecture, a case study and group activity to develop entrepreneurial “launch tools”. Negotiations Negotiation refers to the process of interacting in order to advance individual interests through joint action. Negotiations take place constantly in our everyday lives, both professionally and personally. In this course, you will learn that negotiations, conflict resolution, and relationship management are complex processes. Successful practitioners possess and apply a blend of perceptual, persuasive, analytical, and interpersonal skills that you will examine carefully in this course. In today’s business world, firms start and grow by virtue of successful negotiations and by developing long-term relationships. By the same token, such relationships can break down due to ineffective negotiating behavior and conflict management approaches. Such breakdowns can also occur because of misunderstandings and misperceptions of the other parties’ positions and interests. This course will utilize not only theory, but also active classroom negotiations to apply the learned concept each week. It is a dynamic and engaging course, where the student will gain an understanding of their inherent style, as well as how to adopt a different style, how to gain and regain leverage, how to open and close a negotiation, and how to develop a pre-negotiating plan. The skill sets and knowledge will be relevant to professional as well as personal negotiations. Information Technology Management Course Corporate information systems are the lifeblood of any organization, but in an era of big data, the bar has been raised on business leaders who must possess a broad understanding of system design and utility in order to effectively manage a complex global economy. Capstone Prep Course This course addresses one of the most often cited student issues, i.e., the ten-week Capstone course in Spring of their last year, places constraints on the depth and breadth of analysis. Students will now have 15 weeks to conduct primary and secondary research, and formulate their recommendations.
0.000 TO 3.000 Credit hours
0.000 TO 3.000 Lecture hours

Levels: Graduate, Undergraduate
Schedule Types: Hybrid, Lecture, Online Course, Seminar

Business Administration Department

Course Attributes:

Must be enrolled in one of the following Programs:     
      NMG-Non-Degree MBA
      MBA-Business Administration


General Requirements:
Course or Test: INFO 510
Minimum Grade of C
May not be taken concurrently.  )

May not be taken concurrently. )

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