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Fall 2013
Sep 25,2022
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Before the international legal scholar Raphael Lemkin in 1944 coined the actual word of genocide, the kinds of massacres, extra-judicial killings, disappearances, political rape and other forms of state-sponsored violence their eliminationist intent was readily apparent to anyone who cared to delve behind the headlines. Whether we look at the Armenian Genocide, the Holocaust, or the more contemporary horrors of Rwanda and Darfur, a similar dynamic is apparent. Bigotry and human rights violations precede genocide. The Armenian Genocide of 1915-1923 and the Holocaust stand as the quintessential instances of genocide in our time. A wealth of textual material, television programs, feature films, documentaries and workshops has familiarized increasing numbers of secondary school teachers with the subject matter of the Holocaust (Nazi Germany's war against the Jews, 1933-1945). The enormous growth of scholarship about the Holocaust has, in turn, led to the growth and dissemination of knowledge about the Armenian Genocide of 1915-1923. Sufficient evidence has been amassed and a body of research has been conducted to permit conceptualization. This identification of commonalities concerning the key roles of nationalism, racism, technology, communication, transportation, socio-economic tension, war and the abrogation of human rights has made it possible to construct a paradigm of genocide in which the Holocaust and other similar tragedies are seen as the potential and worst-case end results of bigotry and the denial of human rights. By placing the emphasis on the examination and analysis of primary sources, it is hoped that they will be guided in their investigation of controversial or emotionally laden subjects by scholarship as opposed to polemics and platitudes.
0.000 TO 4.000 Credit hours
0.000 TO 4.000 Lecture hours

Levels: Undergraduate
Schedule Types: Lecture

History Department

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