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Fall 2013
Sep 29,2022
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The history of a people is more than the description of their condition over a period of time. It is also the understanding of that history's "turning points": the periods, people, philosophies, and events around which the direction of a people is changed or cemented. The first "turning point" for African-Americans was the point at which they ceased being Africans and became members of the Black Diaspora. This period (the enslavement of Africa) fundamentally changed the history of African people and started the history of African-Americans. Between 1619, when the first blacks came to America, and 2001, African American history has seen many other "turning points". The material presented in this course will be selected and organized to illuminate one of these "turning points." The years between 1969-1979, the Black Power years, were among the most searing periods of the nation. The Vietnam War and student protests provided an important backdrop for the period. As important as these two elements were, they had to share the American stage with the aggressive demands of the African American community. Although correctly characterized by militancy, the period was much more than riots. It marked the growing political power of blacks in America's cities, and increasing cultural consciousness among black Americans, a thrust to control the resources of the black community, and an effort to physical resist what many saw as the oppressive force of local, often urban, police units around the country. The objectives of this course will be to understand the reasons for the militancy of the period, to discuss the key elements to the period, to project its impact on America, and to place these years in the context of African American history.
0.000 TO 4.000 Credit hours
0.000 TO 4.000 Lecture hours

Levels: Undergraduate
Schedule Types: Lecture, Online Course

History Department

Course Attributes:
MN-AFR AMR STD-Hist & Pol Tht, MJ-Africana Studies, MJ-AMER-African-Amer Stds., MJ-AMER- Amer Thought & Value, OLD GE-INTERCULT NORTH AMERICA

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